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Come and meet our #pesticidebuster bees

Tr Prim Hill 16.04.16 6

#pesticidebuster bees getting new signatures at Transition Primrose Hill seeds swap event

Over the next few months our #pesticidebuster bees will be buzzing around Camden and we’d love you to join us. We made our first stop outside Primrose Hill library on 16 April and, despite the cold, we added several new signatures to our campaign.

As well as signing our petition to ask the council to stop using pesticides, we also plan to write directly to garden centres and other retailers of pesticides who are close to the event to demonstrate the strength of local commitment to eliminating the most hazardous pesticides.

Finally we’ll be promoting Friends of the Earth’s Great British Bee Count which runs from 19 May to 30 June and helping you identify the different species of bee.

Watch out for us at these next events:

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Next #pesticidebuster event: Big Green Picnic

Saturday 25th July between 12 – 4pm Camden Friends of the Earth will be at the Big Green Picnic in Castlehaven Community & Wildlife Park, a fantastic event put together by residents and volunteers. Fun activities will include:

  • Kids picnics!
  • Dr Bike – cycling advice
  • A BBQ
  • Bouncy Castle
  • Massage session
  • Tree Walk & Talk
  • Circus Skills workshops

Camden Friends of the Earth will be there campaigning for a Pesticide Free Camden. Come visit us!

London PF 1

Are you a #pesticidebuster? We are!


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Next #Pesticidebuster event: London Permaculture Festival

Camden Friends of the Earth at Kentish Town Festival

Camden Friends of the Earth at Kentish Town Festival

On 19th July between 11am – 6pm Camden Friends of the Earth will be at the London Permaculture Festival, a chance to learn about inspirational projects ranging from rainforest restoration, regenerative agriculture, locking up carbon and more! Plus perennial vegetables and other interesting tasty edibles!


Camden Friends of the Earth will be there campaigning for a Pesticide Free Camden. Come visit us!

I am a pesticide buster

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Energy survey at the London Permaculture festival

We had a great time at the London Permaculture Festival on Saturday 16 July.

The event featured animation workshops, honeybee talks, forest gardening workshops, carbon conversations and more.

Alex, Natasha, Shiv and Susan ran our stall surveying people on energy issues for our Big Energy Conversation campaign (and we made a few paper windmills, too)!

If you didn’t make it to the fair, you can take our energy survey online here.

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London Green Fair

Jess on our stall at the London Green Fair 2011We had a great turn out over the weekend at the London Green Fair.

We ran an eco quiz and started our new Big Energy Conversation campaign with an energy survey, offered cakes, biscuits and jam for a donation. We spoke to lots of people and had a great time in the sunshine (and the rain!).

Thank you to everyone who helped out on the day and all those who stopped by our stall!

Download our quiz and test your eco-knowledge!
Our eco-quiz – with answers (.doc)

Or see our (updated) review of the year:
Camden Friends of the Earth 2010-2011 activities so far (pdf)

We’ll be appearing at more local fairs and festivals over the summer, if you’d like to get involved please get in touch!

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Joining the MOOvement

We were out and about last Saturday 25 September campaigning on Fix the Food Chain with stalls at two fairs on one day.

Festival of LifeAt the Belsize Green Fair, organised by Transition Belsize, we were surrounded by locally-grown fresh fruit & veg stalls, farmyard animals in the street, and greenhouse-making from old plastic bottles (see photos here). The Festival of Life in Holborn attracted people from all across the country to find out about creating a healthy future, including nutrition, yoga and conscious partying, so we got quite a varied audience for our campaigning. Joe even did a spot of cow-mask-modelling, as you can see in the photo!

We got over 100 postcards signed in total to send to MPs to ask them to support a Sustainable Livestock Bill, which is being read in Parliament on November 12. Hopefully we will get lots more MPs on board as a result! We also got lots of interest in our upcoming Vegan banquet on Sunday 10 October. Thanks to everyone who came along and helped to make our stalls such a success!

We’re off to another green fair this week, at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in Bloomsbury, 12-2pm on Wednesday 6 October. If you’re free to help out please get in touch!

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‘Moo masks’ at the Permaculture Festival

Cecil Sharp House in Regents Park Road was host to the wonderful London Permaculture Festival today, with talks, workshops, films and environmental groups from all over London joining in!

Sharat, Shiv and Susan had a successful day’s campaigning on Fix the Food Chain, getting over 100 postcards signed to persuade MPs to support the Sustainable Livestock Bill. Our ‘moo masks’ were popular with younger visitors and there were some great ideas added to our planet-friendly farming ideas tree…

“happier animals make tastier meat!”…”every council should provide subsidised veg + fruit growing lessons”…”family days on organic/permaculture farms”…”supermarkets to support local growers”

We also got a lot of interest for our upcoming 10/10/10 vegan banquet event (please save the date…more details on this to be announced soon!).

You can also take an online action to ask your MP to support the Sustainable Livestock Bill in its reading in Parliament in November.

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Fun at the fair!

Camden Green Fair 2010

We joined in with the eco activities at Camden Green Fair, held in Regents Park on Sunday 6 June. Thanks to everyone who came down and helped make our stall such a success!

  • We raised £111.54 for Friends of the Earth, by asking for donations for our home-made cakes and jam
  • About 50 postcards were signed for the Get Serious about CO2 campaign
  • Around 40 surveys were completed by people living in Camden, to help inform our local campaigning

With delicious home-baked cakes on a banana theme (from the fair hands of Natasha, Susan and Jess) and Jim’s jams, we had a nice profile, raised some money for Friends of the Earth and got a lot done as well as having the chance to hang out with the other Camden green groups. It was good to support such a lovely event.

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