Aren’t bees brilliant?  We’ve been campaigning on The Bee Cause along with other Friends of the Earth groups across the UK, to highlight the importance of bees and biodiversity.

Why The Bee Cause?

Bees are under threat and without them, so is our food supply and ecosystems. 75% of our most important food crops rely on bees and other pollinators. But bees are in trouble and that’s not good news for them or us. You may have already heard about the serious problems our honey bees are facing, but wild bumblebees and solitary bees are also declining at an alarming rate. Three bumblebee species are already extinct. 25% of British bees are listed in the Red Data Book of threatened species. None are protected by law.

Through The Bee Cause, we called for a National Bee Action Plan to intervene across a range of sectors to save the British bee. We asked Prime Minister David Cameron to publicly acknowledge the need for central Government to adopt and implement this Plan which will be inspired by the actions we take together.  As a result of the campaign the government unveiled their National Pollinator strategy in November 2014.

Our campaigning on bees also included screening of bee film ‘More than Honey’, hosting a performance of  ‘Beyond the Veil’, a new bee-themed ‘whodunnit’ play from Mikron Theatre, bee-friendly gardening, leading bee walks in Belsize Park and Primrose Hill, campaign stalls at the London Green Fair, London Permaculture Festival, Belsize Green Fair and with Melvita in Covent Garden, and making bee hotels.  Read more on our blog.

Be a pesticide buster!

In summer 2015 we are continuing to campaigning on bees and biodiversity with our #pesticidebuster campaign.  Sign the petition to help make Camden pesticide free.

Find more tips on how you can help bees on the Friends of the Earth Bee Cause website.

If you’re interested in helping out with any of our campaign activities, please get in touch or come along to our next monthly meeting.