Camden FOE campaigned vigorously for a strong climate change law as part of Friends of the Earth’s national Big Ask. Members of the group went out on the streets of Camden and elsewhere in London to gather support which has then been presented to our MPs. We are pleased to say that both Frank Dobson MP (Holborn & St Pancras, Lab) and Glenda Jackson MP (Hampstead and Highgate, Lab) supported our calls for a strong law, and registered their concern about the lack of inclusion of international aviation emissions.

Measuring carbon footprints at Camden Green Fair

Measuring Carbon Footprints at Camden Green Fair

In 2010 Camden Council committed to cutting CO2 across the borough by 40 per cent by 2020, following our ‘Get Serious About CO2‘ campaign. We continue to work with – and lobby – Camden Council to help ensure that Camden meets its target.

What causes climate change?

Climate change is caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other polluting gases in our atmosphere.

The gases trap heat by forming a blanket around the Earth – like the glass of a greenhouse. The greenhouse gases stay in the atmosphere for many years. As they build up, the planet’s temperature rises.

What causes greenhouse gases?

Greenhouse gases are released by burning fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas. These fuels are used in industry, cars and aeroplanes and for heating our home and businesses.

The effects of climate change

If we don’t take action, we’ll see freakier weather every year. Millions in the UK will be at risk of flooding. Billions worldwide will face droughts and violent storms. The world’s poor will be the worst hit and we could lose some wildlife species too.

What can we do?

The UK has a lot of influence on the world political stage. We could be world leaders in the battle against climate change.  The UK Government says it wants a 20% cut in CO2 pollution by 2010. But levels have been rising not falling in recent years.  We need to keep pressure on local and national governments to make sure they’re achieving their emissions reductions targets.

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