'David Cameron' talking rubbish at Camden Lock Market

Update: Please see our photos from the day of action on the Friends of the Earth Flickr group!

Please join us for a photo opportunity, to ask David Cameron to talk half as much rubbish!

Where: Camden Lock
When: 3pm, Saturday 19 March

Camden Friends of the Earth is urging Prime Minister David Cameron to cut rubbish, boost reuse and recycling, and help Camden cut black bag waste in half by 2020. The Government’s review of English waste policy is drawing to a close with ministers planning to publish goals for the 2014-2020 period in May. Friends of the Earth’s “Talking half as much rubbish” campaign is calling for a nationwide goal halving rubbish and boosting recycling and re-use.

We’re holding a Day of Action on Waste & Recycling on Saturday 19 March with a photo opportunity to underline the campaign asking for more action on recycling, reuse and waste prevention. It will feature a larger than life David Cameron sawing in half a dustbin bearing the slogan “It’s time Mr Cameron talked half as much rubbish.”

Less than 30% of Camden’s rubbish is re-used, recycled or composted. Camden has some great facilities to help us cut down on waste such as the new food waste collection – but it’s crazy that in other parts of London this isn’t the case.

We think David Cameron should do his bit by halving the rubbish we have to throw away. We’re therefore calling for more support for local authorities to recycle and re-use more of our household waste, and for more products to be designed to be easy to re-use and recycle, to reduce Camden’s rubbish mountain and cut down on waste that blights our streets.

Please contact us if you’d like to join us on Saturday!

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