It’s voting time – this Thursday 22nd May we have the opportunity to send a message to Camden council about the issues we care about.

CamdenCAN (Camden Climate Action Network) have prepared a series of commitments, defined with lots of input from different local groups, including Camden Friends of the Earth. We are supporting this manifesto for sustainability and we’d like to see the candidates commit to the issues set out below, to take action on climate change and create a better environment in Camden.

Manifesto for sustainability

  • Continued commitment to the two carbon emission reduction targets of 27% by 2017 and 40% by 2020 from 2005 levels. Some specific provisions include:
    • Actively lobby central government and other parties for the ongoing decarbonisation of the grid by writing to both local MPs and responding to any formal consultation opportunities.
    • Identify new CHP (combined heat and power) opportunities and provide guidance & support to enable them & others that in the pipeline to come to fruition.
    • Invest in best opportunities identified in the mapping of the study into boroughwide secondary heat source mapping
    • Continued promotion (through Council networks) and support (with people, advice etc) of Superhomes and other opportunities for people to touch & feel an eco-friendly house.
    • Continued focus on fuel poverty focusing energy efficiency measures in low income households.
    • Develop an ongoing engagement strategy on a street by street basis through use of infra-red imagery and other similar ideas.
    • Publish useable guidance on energy efficiency within heritage buildings which allows some appropriate relaxation for the rules for certain energy efficiency measures such as solid wall insulation taking into account fully the recent consultation responses.
  • A commitment to supporting businesses who reuse waste, particularly electronic waste by
    • Identifying potential space for such businesses to be located close by Regis road either on a pop up on regular basis.
    • Ensuring the North London Waste Authority procurement contract for waste disposal include targets around overall waste reduction (through reuse & repair) as well as recycling
    • Include provision for electronic testing & repair in tender for give & take days
    • Evaluate other solutions such as a drop in centre for waste or quarterly pick up days
  • A continued commitment to the transport hierarchy remaining as is with walking, cycling & public transport being the key areas of focus
    • Support additional car free days, targeting one per quarter.
    • Put continued pressure on TFL to increase pedestrian crossing times at key junctions through public letters, minuted meetings etc
  • A commitment to the actions identified by the AQ (air quality) working group including lobbying, awareness and on freight & construction emissions. Hold a follow up air quality summit on an annual basis
  • A commitment to regular face to face consultation & communication with local voluntary organisations & individuals (not just businesses) through quarterly meetings with a selection of representatives from such groups (not just businesses) on a pre-scheduled basis.
  • To ensure any changes and updates to Camden Council’s planning documents reflect the principles of sustainability and adequate environmental protection