We are calling on the London Borough of Camden to stop using all pesticides where an alterI am a pesticide busternative is available, whether by themselves or by sub-contractors. This should be in all areas under their control such as parks, streets etc.

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What’s wrong with pesticides?

Pesticides, including herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, are used in our towns and cities to control a range of perceived problems, including weeds. Non agricultural pesticides are used in schools, parks, playgrounds, hospitals and on our streets. These are all areas used on a daily basis by the public and often by those most vulnerable to the adverse effects of pesticides. In fact more people are exposed to pesticides on a daily basis in our towns and cities than are people living in the countryside.

However, more and more evidence is showing that the use of these chemicals can lead to serious issues in terms of negative human health impacts, harm to biodiversity and the wider environment and contamination of water supplies. There are rising incidents of childhood diseases that can be linked to increases in pesticide use. Pesticide use has a negative effect on urban wildlife and is a contributory factor in the decline of hedgehogs for example, and pesticides used in towns and cities find their way into water supplies and the cost for removing these is then passed on to the public in our water bills.

Camden Friends of the Earth are calling on the council to phase out its use of pesticides and for individuals to also commit to being pesticide free and be a #pesticidebuster