Sustainable shop key

Ever wanted to know the best areas to check out charity shops or find plastic free grocery stores near you? We are building a map of the London Borough of Camden to highlight the best places to help you live more sustainably and be engaged with your community. 

Buying items secondhand is a great way to fight waste, reduce the impact of your shopping habits and often save money. We have mapped charity shops and vintage shops around the borough for clothing, furniture and books. Also to tackle throw away culture we are gathering repair locations. For clothing, these are often points within dry cleaners who also offer alterations and mending services. 

We have highlighted community spaces, many of these centres offer amazing support to their local communities and are often the hub for youth charities, arts, gardening and much more. And may be just around the corner without you realising! 

In Camden, there are so many great places to buy sustainable food, whether it be organic, locally sourced or plastic free. There is also a big opportunity here to support local businesses. 

We are keen to grow this network of shops and community spaces so if you have any that you would like to add please contact us at

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