We’re campaigning for a renewable energy future that will:

  • cut carbon
  • generate jobs
  • release us from the control of the big power companies and from our addiction to polluting fossil fuels.

Our The Ugly Side of Fracking campaign asks people to share their feelings on fracking with us with a #frackingselfie.  Sign our online petition to call on Camden council to publicly oppose the controversial practice of fracking in our borough: http://chn.ge/1q4YdoI

We are also supporting the Run on Sun national campaign to make it easier for schools to run on solar power, and we support the Fossil Free Camden divestment campaign.

The campaign so far…

Our previous campaigning on energy issues has included organising a public meeting on the Energy Bill; putting on a renewable energy photo exhibition and photo competition; and encouraging local organisations and businesses in Camden to switch to green energy tariffs.

Campaign for Clean British Energy

Our campaign on renewable energy, Clean British Energy, asked that the UK’s Energy Bill included a target for the decarbonisation of UK electricity supply by 2030. As part of this we held a “green is working” photo stunt at the Brunswick Centre in October 2012, to help raise awareness of the economic benefits and job opportunities around renewable energy. See photos below.

Our Final Demand
Our Final Demand campaign in September 2011 focussed on the national scandal of the energy company rip-off. The Big Six supply 99% of households and make billions in profits by keeping us hooked on expensive dirty fuels. We think it’s time for our government to stand up to the Big Six and give us energy we can all afford.

We asked the government:

  • To launch an independent public inquiry into the Big Six’s power over consumers and influence over politicians.
  • Not to axe support for clean British energy produced by communities, councils, business and householders.

We were very glad that Camden Council support our Final Demand and we had many other organisations, groups and individuals in Camden sign up to support our Final Demand Joint Statement and our petition to David Cameron. See more about the big energy rip-off in the video below:

Over summer 2011 we ran a survey across the borough of Camden on what people think about energy – a ‘Big Energy Conversation‘.  We surveyed a grand total of 180 people at various fairs and events around Camden.  The results were:

What is the most important energy issue facing the UK?
The top three answers were:
The impact of our energy system on climate change (59% agreed)
Dependence on imported oil and gas (34% agreed)
Price of energy and fuel (24% agreed)
Where should the most money go
The top three answers were:
Power from the sun, waves or wind (73% agreed)
Making energy savings in homes, business and industry (52% agreed)
Capturing carbon pollution from coal and gas plants (13% agreed)
Should more green energy be generated locally
Yes 91%
No 4%
Don’t know 4%

What next?

If you’re interested in getting involved in our campaign for a low carbon energy future for the UK – and promoting renewable energy in Camden – please get in touch or come along to our next monthly meeting.