Buy Nothing Day

Next Sunday the 25th will see Camden FoE holding it’s monthly Buy Nothing Day. As an effort to better understand and consider our consumption levels in day-to-day life (and of course the need for them to change drastically in order to achieve environmental sustainability), we Camden FoE members pledge to -as far as reasonably possible-

North London’s waste

Following on from our recent waste & recycling campaigning – asking David Cameron to talk half as much rubbish – Camden Friends of the Earth responded to the consultation on the North London Waste Plan. The North London Waste Plan sets out a plan to manage the waste of seven north London boroughs; Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney,

Talking rubbish

We’re “talking rubbish” in this week’s Camden New Journal (19/5/2011): New, costly, waste incinerators are not the answer to the waste that blight’s Camden’s streets (Why waste incinerators are a real disaster, 12 May). The ‘Carrots and Sticks’ report released by the London Assembly this week says that in London we have the lowest recycling

Watch your Waste Week

“The amount of waste produced in North London, like everywhere, is growing year on year and although recycling it is great, preventing it is even better…” Camden Council together with the North London Waste Authority are challenging residents to reduce their waste to zero. The challenge forms part of the Watch your Waste Week which