Next Sunday the 25th will see Camden FoE holding it’s monthly Buy Nothing Day. As an effort to better understand and consider our consumption levels in day-to-day life (and of course the need for them to change drastically in order to achieve environmental sustainability), we Camden FoE members pledge to -as far as reasonably possible- not buy anything, travel only by foot or by bike, and not use any electrical appliances for the full day. In August, Earth Overshoot Day highlighted the environmental overreach our economic system fucntions on and lifestyles operate within. The UK had in fact reached it’s ‘National Ecological Deficit Day’ (the point where a country’s consumption overtakes it’s ability to ecologically regenerate resources consumed) much sooner, on April 6th

So with this in mind, along with the consideration for the 6 billion odd people who don’t get to have our lifestyles but feel the effects of them, we also try to approach our Buy Nothing Day as an opportunity. Being a Sunday I’m aiming to spend it in a park, weather allowing, with a book or friends or both. I imagine it’ll be a good motivator to walk; something I love doing but never seem to find time for, and I hope to have a good ol explore of parts of my borough I’ve yet to see. I’ll be actively looking for free events on rather than acknowledging them and putting them on the maybe pile.

If the idea of considering your effect on the world whilst possibly reconnecting with your area, loved ones and self in a new way sounds appealing to you, drop us a line and get on board (we might meet up to help each other through the withdrawl symtoms). Or feel free to go solo and let us know your experience afterwards. We’ll be sharing our own on here.