Camden Friends of the Earth was up bright & early (very early…!) this morning to participate in a UK-wide CBE “award ceremony”. Along with groups across the UK we helped award medals to Great Britons including Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Dr Samuel Johnson, Laurence Olivier and Queen Victoria.

Laurence Olivier with his CBE for Clean British Energy

The CBE medals were awarded to recognise great British achievements and to inspire us to show innovation and leadership with Clean British Energy.

In total over 40 medals were given out across the UK, including a few in the borough of Camden. Did you see any? See the full set of Clean British Energy statues.

Have you earned your CBE?

You can take action online to support Clean British Energy and earn your CBE in two ways:

If you’d like to get involved with the next steps of the Clean British Energy campaign to promote renewable energy in Camden and beyond, come along to our next monthly meeting.