Who’s this Bill you ask, he always seems to be mentioned by Friends of the Earth but we’ve never seen him….

On March 13th 2007 the Government introduced the draft Climate Change Bill which should transform our economy and lead the world in tackling climate change. It will:

  • Set a long term target for CO2 cuts.
  • Require annual reports to Parliament.
  • Form a group to advise what sectors should cut emissions – and by how much.

Camden FoE has been particularly active in getting MP support for this Bill and will continue to campaign for further improvements to this draft through campaigning on the streets of London and at events such as the recent Lee Valley Bird Fair (pictured)

We want to see the following improvements to the Bill at the end of the current 3 month consultation process:

  • Bigger cuts
    The Government proposes a 60 per cent cut of carbon dioxide by 2050. We need reductions of at least 80 per cent.
  • Annual targets
    The Government wants five year budgets for CO2. We want shorter targets – to hold the current Parliament to account.
  • Aviation and shipping
    International flights and shipping emissions are excluded. We want these included.

Please help us make the case for these changes.