This group is attracting a lot of new members at the moment, and the reason why? Frustration with Camden’s recycling service.

To be fair some households appear to get an excellent service, and residents welcomed the wider rollout of plastics recycling, but this does not extend to larger blocks and estates in the borough. And given that this type of housing is prevalent in the area, a lot of people are feeling frustrated about the service.

We want to know more about your experiences of Camden’s recycling service (good or bad) so please post a comment on this blog so that we can take your case to the Borough’s recycling officers in March. If you could name the street and area that you live in that would really help.


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  1. Graeme

    I understand that Camden has a co-mingled recycling collection. How much of the recycling is lost due to contamination? And where is it sent for processing?

  2. alan

    We neatly make piles of different recyclables in the green bin..and then Camden just chuck everything in together and mash it..Barnet sorts it at source…If Tesco’s can recycle plastic packaging etc why not Camden. And isn’t it good to know all those toxic heavy metals in batteries are still going to landfill – unlike on the other side of the Channel.
    This is not recycling – it tokenism… Camden needs to get some teeth and its act together!

  3. Rob

    When are Camden going to start recycling compostable waste? When we had a garden (rare in Camden) we composted all our green waste and it dramatically reduced the amount of general rubbish we put out each week (at least 50%).

  4. susan

    Islington has a door-to-door collection for estates & large blocks of flats, why doesn’t Camden?

    And if Camden can’t roll out a door-to-door collection for flats/estates then why are there no street recycling bins for cardboard (as there are in Westminster)? At the moment cardboard can only be recycled in a green box collection but this means a significant percentage of Camden residents, who have no green box collection, cannot recycle cardboard.

  5. Anonymous

    My frustration is with the green waste collection. A wonderful idea, and free, but when I book it, I am asked to make sure it is in PLASTIC bags! I refuse and say that I will tie it up (it’s usually ivy branches and tree-prunings) because Veolia insists that it should be neatly bunched for easy handling. Then they come and look at it and think the bunches aren’t small or tidy enough and leave it…. Actually it was perfectly easy to handle as branches; the thought of putting in plastic bags defies all sense.

  6. Anonymous

    Camdens’ green (garden waste) recycling is a joke. Apart from the plastic bag issue already highlighted, I recently booked a collection, and then had to make 9 phone calls (including a formal complaint), when the collection failed to take place. Anyone less persistent simply does not get a green collection.
    I have also spoken to the council about collecting wet waste, and batteries: nothing at all appears to be planned.

  7. Fiona

    Why won’t the Council pick up card that is too big to fit in the green boxes – even when we’ve tied it up so it stays flat? What are we meant to do with it?

  8. Anonymous

    Alan said “And isn’t it good to know all those toxic heavy metals in batteries are still going to landfill – unlike on the other side of the Channel.” But there are some street places where you can recycle batteries (as well as Regis road). See the Camden web site for locations

  9. GerogeG

    Camden have left us without any recycling pickups for 3 weeks! Is it worth trying to recycle? I’m pissed off with being made to feel guilty for not recycling – and then being left with a pile of uncollected recyclable material getting soggy in the rain…

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