Homebase shelves

With the World Health Organisation classifying glyphosate as a probable carcinogen and retail groups across Europe banning products containing glyphosate from their shelves including Waitrose here in the UK, now is the time to ask your local garden centre to stop stocking these harmful products.

Over the last few months we have visited many garden centres whose shelves are still piled with these dangerous chemicals. They tell us they are just meeting consumer demand. That’s why we are asking you to write to them. We’ve drafted a letter that you can download, pesonalise and send to your local garden centre. For best results it is worth identifying who runs the store and writing to them directly. Download your letter here: Camden FOE downloadable and editable letter to garden centres.

We’d love to see any responses you get and would be happy to join you if you are able to arrange a meeting. Just contact us on camdenfoe@gmail.com