Camden Friends of the Earth are screening the award-winning documentary More than Honey on Thursday 28th November at 6.30pm at St Martin’s Church in Gospel Oak, (Vicar’s Road, NW5 4NL).

Free entry – all welcome. Refreshments will be available.

Please share and invite anyone else you know who may be interested!
Download a PDF poster for the screening here. Find the Facebook event page here.

More Than Honey

About More than Honey:

Einstein once said: “If bees ever die out, mankind will have only four years left to live”. In the past five years, billions of honeybees simply vanished for reasons still obscure. If the bees keep dying, it will have drastic effects for humans as well: more than one third of our food production depends on pollination by honeybees and their life and death are linked to ours.

Life without the bee is unthinkable. But, between pesticides, antibiotics and monoculture, the queens and their workers are losing their power.

More than Honey, a new documentary by the Swiss filmmaker Marcus Imhoof, is looking into the fascinating world of bees, showing small family beekeepers and industrialized honey farms. More than Honey is a film about the relationship between mankind and honeybees, about nature and about our future. Honeybees show us that stability is just as unhealthy as unlimited growth, that crises and disasters are triggering evolution.