Camden Friends of the Earth today called on Camden Council to swear that it would not allow fracking operations in the London Borough of Camden.

Susan, Nikki and Jess are shocked at the idea of fracking

Local residents joined campaigners to demand that the council declare itself frack-free ahead of a possible new round of licensing that could pave the way for much of the country to be fracked.

The Friends of the Earth group set up a swear box at Camden Lock to make it clear that they believe that ‘fracking’ is a dirty f-word that is not welcome in Camden.

The group spoke to dozens of concerned residents and passers-by who were invited to sign postcards addressed to the Leader of the council to say ‘no’ to fracking and send a message to the Government that fracking is a dirty word.

Jess Gold of Camden Friends of the Earth said:

‘Almost everybody we spoke to today said that they don’t want to see fracking – the dirty f-word – in Camden.’

‘Fracking produces more dirty fossil fuels that will cause more climate change and even the Government and the frackers admit is unlikely to lower our bills.

‘We want Camden Council to oppose fracking and we want the Government to get behind renewables and energy saving instead.’

Next year the Government’s dash for gas could quicken as it hopes to open vast swathes of the country to possible fracking with a new round of licensing. This could bring the threat of fracking to thousands more people’s doorsteps although Camden Council as the local planning authority has the power to prevent this.

The Government’s plans to punch thousands of holes across the country is at odds with public opinion. Recent polling shows that 52% of people would support wind turbines being built within 10 miles of their house compared to just 18% who would support shale wells.

Why we don’t want fracking

Fracking is a dirty word. The Government is threatening to puncture our green and pleasant land with countless fracking wells in a headlong dash for gas, with little thought to local people. Shale gas is a dirty fossil fuel that contributes to climate change, and it poses serious local environmental risks such as water contamination and shortages. Meanwhile, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest it won’t lower fuel bills, and it risks taking much-needed investment away from renewables and energy saving. For more information visit