Basecamp 2016 has just drawn to a close and while we look forward to the next and to turning inspiration into positive action, Camden FoE members share their impressions on what makes Basecamp so unique:

Irena Kausiute: “I joined Camden Friends of the Earth in March with the goal to make a difference. Basecamp 2016 has been a great start and a source of inspiration and hope in the environmental movement of the 21st century.”

Irena Kausiute: “The beautiful setting in the countryside filled me with the sense that an alternative sustainable living is possible.”

Irena Kausiute: “The event was centred around inspiring speakers sharing their valuable experiences, to mention a few: the case for successful renewable energy and the role faith plays in tackling environmental crisis. I feel so grateful to be part of this journey.”

Finnian Mutagh: “This was my first Basecamp so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The first thing that struck me was the setting; for someone living in London, simply seeing the Peak District was worth the trip alone.”

Finnian Murtagh: “Basecamp succeeded in mixing the elements of a quality music festival with talks and sessions that for me, clashed just as bands would at Glastonbury. My highlights were a sobering talk on today’s climate refugees, an uplifting one from C40’s Mark Watts about how there is hope in focusing on transforming cities, and Saturday night’s campfire session featuring a brilliant traditional music troupe. I’ll be back next year.”

Natasha Clayton: “Sometime ago Friends of the Earth used the slogan “think global, act local” and in many ways this is what basecamp is about for me. I love learning of actions and successes from Friends of the Earth groups round the world and how this was similar in many ways to when the mayors of the world’s largest cities met at the C40. Just like those mayors though, I have come away knowing that I too am not just there to listen but to come home and take action here in Camden and in London. As Mark Watts put it in his presentation “we all need to travel at the pace of the most ambitious”.

Jess Gold: “Friends of the Earth Basecamp is hundreds of friends and activist colleagues gathering to share tales and inspire each other to carry on campaigning. The venue was gorgeous as was the weather.”

Jess Gold: “My personal highlights were: the super inspiring Juliet Davenport on the challenges of setting up Good Energy – chatting with muslim climate activists attempting to waken up their community to the climate crisis – the very gorgeous late night bonfire singing – finding renewed motivation by listening to what activists like me are getting up to all over the country. “