Bin Bags

Camden Friends of the Earth today responded to London Council’s consultation on throw-out shopping bags. The group supports the introduction of a levy on all throw out shopping bags, whether paper or plastic, together with restrictions on the types of bags that shops can supply. Bags use finite resources in their manufacture and distribution. Additionally,

Camden Green Fair

Camden FoE was out in force for the start of London Sustainability Weeks at Camden Green Fair. It was a beautiful sunny day and we spoke to people from all around London and beyond. Over 300 people signed up to the Big Ask campaign, and we managed to raise some funds for future educational initiatives.

Eco Wars!

The Camden New Journal reported on 10 May of an Eco War breaking out in the borough. We’ve taken the bait and dived in to the melee. The supposed war concerns plans by the Council’s Sustainability TaskForce to revolutionise energy supply and demand in the borough, by supporting local energy generating stations in housing estates.