By Ludovica Uggeri

Holidays are always a great way to relax, get away from your routine, enjoy a bit of sunshine and spend time with friends and family. They are the opportunity to switch off from reality, but that doesn’t mean that we have to forget how important the planet is! 

These top tips will help you to be sustainable without having to put in too much effort and make your holiday even better!  

Don’t forget your water bottle (and your coffee cup)!

It is normal to think that, when going abroad, you won’t have the opportunity to use your colourful water bottle, and that it will take up a lot of space in your luggage. You might be surprised to see that loads of European cities have water fountains all around the city centre (something we need much more of in London!). And if they do not have them… why not go into a cafè and ask for tap water? Do remember to check online to see if the tap water is safe to drink, but most countries in Europe have perfectly good drinking water for us Brits!

Eat local 

Holidays are a great opportunity to taste some amazing food, which is produced locally in the place where you are staying! So, ditch the big chains and experience some true, seasonal flavors, it does good to your body and to the planet. Winning! 

Avoid flying

Flying is one of the worst actions that we do that harms the environment. Take a leaf out of Greta Thunberg’s book and travel by train. There are loads of beautiful places that can be reached by train, and you can enjoy a better view out of the train window than down the aisle of the plane!

Pack your bags with conscious items

Is it very important that you don’t forget your put sun cream… or deodorant! But they do not have to harm the environment, so how about looking for better alternatives? Deodorant can be bought in bars and sun cream can be organic. Also, don’t forget to pack your bamboo toothbrush & shampoo bar! Here is a lovely little UK online shop which can help you find everything you might need. And for those of you local to Camden then don’t forget about Earth Natural Foods on Kentish Town Road, our first stop for all things green and clean! 

Choose the right accommodation

Considering staying in places that save energy and respect the animals can also be a plus for your holidays. Have you also ever considered camping? It could be a great way to reconnect with nature and feel zen.

Do not litter

If you remember to bring your cup, bottle and lunch boxes, you can easily avoid creating litter. However, if rubbish is unavoidable, please do not forget to take it with you when you leave. Stick to the Glastonbury Mantra and leave no trace! 

Select the right souvenir

From fridge magnets to items to put on the mantelpiece, bringing a souvenir back from a holiday is always a nice touch. But how about supporting some local, environmentally conscious brands and avoiding single use plastics? 

Use public transport

Although it is very appealing and more time efficient to hire a car, you can avoid having a negative carbon footprint by using local public transport. You live like a local and meet people you would never have crossed paths with in a car. Take the adventure and try something new. 

Have an amazing holiday and, when return after trying some of the tips above, don’t forget to share your positive experiences with your friends and family. Remember the amazing words of wisdom from Anne Marie Bonneau & Zero Waste Chef, ‘we don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.’

We can all make a difference!