Camden’s Climate Action Plan: Landscape of Opportunities

In July 2019, Camden Council held a Citizens’ Assembly on the climate crisis, the first of its kind in the UK, to develop a set of proposals on how Camden should address the climate emergency. These proposals, based on evidence and recommendations from scientists, environmental groups and energy practitioners, informed the new Camden’s Climate Action

Power to the pedestrians

We love sustainable transport – we even made a sustainable transport treasure trail! Camden Council have some innovative initiatives around sustainable transport including Green Streets Fitzrovia and free car club membership for the first 150 residents to give up their resident parking permits. However we are worried that TfL’s plan to roll out pedestrian countdown

High Speed Rail

The government’s consultation on High Speed 2 has come to an end. Camden Friends of the Earth have submitted their answer [download as PDF 400Ko] opposing the current plans. We invite the Department for Transport to consider the following points: 1) investment in local transport schemes must not be jeopardised by high speed rail; we demand

Camden’s Transport Strategy 2011-2031

The Camden Transport Strategy 2011-2031 sets out how the Council will address a range of transport challenges. The strategy also forms the Local Implementation Plan, also called LIP, a key element to request funding from TfL. Camden Friends of the Earth answered the consultation in February 2011, supporting most orientation but pushing for a more