'Save the Diva' street opera at the Brunswick CentreIf you were at the Brunswick Centre last Wednesday afternoon (13 July) you might have seen something just a little bit different: ‘Save the Diva’, a new street opera with a green theme.

An artistic collaboration between award-winning touring opera company The Opera Group and Friends of the Earth, the street opera has been performed guerilla-style out on the streets of five UK cities this summer. The production explores environmental themes of climate change and consumerism and attracted a lot of attention at the Brunswick Centre!

Camden FoE members handed out ‘Don’t be a Diva‘ leaflets to the crowd who gathered to watch, which gave tips on how to ‘save energy and save the planet’. We had some really positive feedback from passers-by who stopped to watch! You can watch the video of the performance below:

You can read more about the opera performances on the Friends of the Earth website.